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ABI Force z23s - Zero-turn Infield Groomer & Grader (Maintain & Renovate Baseball & Softball Fields)

This is the ABI Force z-23s infield groomer & grader from ABI Sports Turf, the revolutionary multi-function, zero turn ballfield maintenance & renovation machine; built with the sole purpose of caring for the game (baseball & softball); empowering operators to maintain baseball and softball fields faster and better than ever before while setting the new standard on safe and playable ballfields. Groom infields, grade infields, & laser grade infields with zero-turn efficiency. Also, renovate, seasonal renovation, outfield, ​and infield lip work, aerate turf grass, spread fertilizer or conditioners, and so much more! The ABI Force sports field maintenance vehicle may be equipped with options to complete the functions listed and shown in this video.