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Pull-Behind Infield Groomers

Make it look like the big leagues

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Pull behind groomer on gator for parks departments and other baseball and softball grooming needs on a budget
Works for your budget

For facilities, schools, and municipalities working with smaller budgets, Force pull-behind infield groomers are the ideal ball field grooming solution. Get professional-level results at a price point your budget can get behind.

Vibraflex 3500-R attachment removing tire compression and airing out infield
Works for your tow vehicle

Force pull-behinds have attachments compatible with your facility's UTV or mower. With quick-swap attachments you can get all your infield grooming done with finesse, from the seat of your UTV or mower.

infield grader attached to mower
Works for your crew

Whether you’re working with paid staff, volunteers, or it’s just you, Force pull-behind infield groomers are built intuitively so any operator can catch on quickly and be able to groom the ballfield.

Fine finish broom attachment finishing infield with Force pull behind rascal mvp groomer
UTV Pull Behind Infield Groomer

Force Rascal MVP: Multipurpose, Renovation, Unmatched Versatility

The Infield Rascal MVP is a rugged pull-behind baseball and softball infield groomer. It even has the versatility to groom your league to major league infield surfaces daily, perform infield renovations, and regrade pothole-riddled parking lots with ease.

UTV Pull Behind Infield Groomer

Force Rascal Pro: Finesse for Pro-Finish Fields

The Infield Rascal Pro paired with the VibraFlex ensures outstanding results for daily grooming and light renovation work. The wheel-lift system enables the operator to easily transport the tool and maintain control over grooming depth and aggression.

Pull-behind rascal pro groomer on ballfield
Force XD flexible drag mat attached to infield grader
Lawn Mower Pull Behind Infield Groomer

Force Infield Grader: Big Capabilities for a Small Machine

The Force Infield Grader is a performance oriented, yet cost effective, infield maintenance groomer designed for use behind a riding mower or zero-turn vehicle with a rear hitch. With a Force Infield Grader, every baseball and softball league can now afford safer and more playable infields.