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A Landscape Contractor's All-In-One Machine

The Z-23 zero-turn machine properly finish grades the soil for seed application or sod installation. It also evenly broadcasts and presses grass seed into the ground for optimal seed-to-soil contact. With available front, mid, and rear-mount attachments, the ABI Force helps efficiently create beautiful lawns and a signature finish.

Bid On More Jobs

With precision and agility at every step of the process, operators can take on and complete more contracts per season. The proprietary RVF system leverages an arsenal of quick-swap attachments suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Get More Done

 De-compact, level, grade, and finish all with one efficient machine. The depth-lock and speed-lock features that can be utilized so you can work without worrying about ripping too far onto the ground, no matter who is operating.

Eliminate Handwork

Facing high demand with a smaller crew? No problem. Raking up debris and edging are two major time sucks on a job. Not with the Force. The nimbleness of the machine plus the aggressiveness of the VersiBlades means you can get those tight corners as well as pull up serious rocks, roots, and vegetation. 

Everything you need for Seedbed Prep

When using a Force, operators are able to rip up, level out, and prepare the ground with maneuverability that is second to none. The Force provides agility and nimbleness that you just can’t get with a skid steer or tractor.

Force Z-23 doing ground prep for landscaping job

Clear the Way With the Force Configured for Landscape Contractors

The Force landscape configuration can dig aggressively, decompact the soil, and dislodge rocks. Because of its zero turn functionality, the Force machine gets the grunt work done while empowering maximum precision along contours, around obstacles, and in tight areas.

Landscape Contractor Products

Force Z-23
Zero-Turn Infield Groomer & Laser Grader

The ABI Force is the only infield groomer that has been built from the ground up with the sole purpose of caring for the game. This means more than just grooming the top surface of your infield skins before games. It means properly preparing the whole infield profile so that it is safe and playable.

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Force Plug/Core Aerator
Plug/Core Aerator for the Force Z-23

The available 48" plug aerator for the Force Z-23, mounted to the mid-mount hydraulic lift system, enables 115,000 sq. ft. per hour aerating output. With hydraulic downward-pressure and 400 lbs. of weights, this machine outperforms many dedicated aerators while achieving core depths up to 3 - 1/2". ...

Force Versiblade Mini-Box
Finish or Laser Grade without Causing Compaction

The VersiBlade Mini-Box gives the Force Z-23 extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. It easily sifts through dirt, so operators can do a pass to dig aggressively, decompact the soil, and dislodge rocks. Then they can come back through as needed to gather roots and rocks into a spoil ...

Force Rear Soil Finisher
Rear Landscape Finisher for Force Z-23

The rear soil finisher attachment will take your soil conditioning and landscape finishing capabilities to a whole new level. With a swivel hookup and our patented H-frame, you can turn without pushing material to the side, so the whole system floats with the machine even in the tightest of turns. ...

Force Slit Aerator
Aerate and Decompact with Less Turf Disruption

A less intrusive version of the core aerator, the Slit Aerator pokes slits in the surface, up to 2 inches deep, to assist in overseeding, compaction relief or on the skin to assist in opening the infield surface post-rain. 350 lbs of suitcase weights insure the spikes break up some of the hardest ...

Force Multi-Function Rake
Grade Loosened Material

Can be pitched vertically to back blade material from high areas and fill into low areas, it can pull off loose vegetation and debris into piles, and it creates an ideal finish on gravel parking lots and for other heavy dirt work. • Break up clay clods • Abrasion Resistant Steel • Use moving ...

Force Mini-Box
Grade Loosened Material

Mini-Box Blade attachment gives the Force Z-23 extra earth-moving muscle and unmatched versatility. The Mini-Box Blade easily mounts to the Force Z-23's unique mid-mount attachment system with drive-over capability and easy spin-on locks. With fingertip control of the powerful hydraulic & ...

Force Seed & Fertilizer Spreader
Broadcast Seed or Fertilizer with Zero-Turn Speed & Precision

Holds 120 lbs. of material and has an adjustable spread pattern from 4 to 25 feet, adjustable flow, and side deflector. This commercial-grade and independently controlled electric spreader is ideal for precisely broadcasting nearly any type of seed, fertilizer and even some infield surface ...

Make Easy Work of Extreme Hardpan and Vegetation

The Ripping Teeth make easy work of extreme hardpan and vegetation outside of the field. The rippers enable the Force Z-23 to be used to maintain gravel roads, parking lots, and even complete seedbed preparation jobs. These teeth temporarily replace the VibraFlex groomer or Profile Blades™ and are ...

Force Edger System
Cut Clean Grass Edge Lines with Ease

Remove overgrown vegetation from the lips and edges of the infield with the Edger and Clean Up Tool. Attached to the patented mid-mount spring system, this edger can make either a straight cut on the line or can be adjusted to windrow while cutting. A site gauge allows for precision cutting. ...

Remove Debris with the Landscaping Mid-Mount

Come back through as needed to gather roots and rocks into a spoil pile without bringing excess dirt since the VersiBlade allows soil to flow through. The rear finisher attachment will take your conditioning and finishing capabilities to a whole new level. With a swivel hookup and our patented H-frame, you can turn without pushing material to the side, so the whole system floats with the machine even in the tightest of turns.

Force Z-23 landscaping machine removing debris in dirt

Leave A Perfect Finish With the Rear-Finisher

From leveling, to grading, to spreading seed and fertilizer, with the Force configured for landscaping you can create a fluffy, conditioned finish while continuing to reduce unwanted materials. The rear dual Versiblades can be adjusted to float over the top of the soil, hovering intentionally to allow soil to flow through while still gathering any remaining rock or debris. On the back of the rear finishing attachment is a twisted basket roller that minimizes bounce, smoothens dirt, and presses in seeds. The tough steel allows the roller to crush hard clay and provides a smooth roll for that perfect finish.

Invest in Landscaping Equipment That Gives Back

Designed specifically for landscape contractors, the Force Z-23 landscaping configuration comes with all the features you need to cut down your time and labor on jobs, while growing your efficiency. The landscape contractor configuration includes the zero-turn vehicle, a mid-mount attachment setup, and a rear landscape finisher.