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Laser Grading / Laser Finish Grader / Zero-turn Laser Finish Grader & Grading / ABI Force Z-23SL

The ABI Force z23sl, with available laser electronic equipment, is the world’s first and only stand-on zero-turn laser finish grading machine, with accuracy plus/minus an eighth of an inch (.125 inch, 3.175mm). This fully automated laser grading system delivers unprecedented affordability and finish-grading accuracy to the sports turf and flatwork industries. The ABI Force has a dramatically smaller and lighter footprint than other laser grading machines, enabling laser finish-grading in tight areas and on materials where over-compaction of the soil is unacceptable. Unlike mini motor graders, skid loaders, compact track loaders, and tractors, the ABI Force leaves no tracks or ruts, even at near zero-turn, further enhancing laser grading efficiency and accuracy. Use larger equipment for earthmoving and material hauling, use the ABI Force for the most precise laser finish-grading in the industry.