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Force Rascal MVP

Unmatched Adaptability

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Unparalleled Results: On and Off the Field

The Force Rascal MVP is the professional-grade pull-behind infield groomer that is a proven top performer both on and off the field. The Force Rascal MVP is designed for daily commercial use on both recreational and professional-level infield surfaces, with the versatile ability to transform into a multipurpose ground-prep tool for seasonal renovation of the infield surface and off the field work. During seasonal renovation it can de-compact extremely hard infield surfaces and warning tracks, eliminate lip build-up along the turf edge, remove weed growth and creeping grasses at the root level, and even tackle gravel parking lot restoration and seedbed preparation jobs around the facility.



Industry Leading Technologies

The patented Wheel-Lift System provides precision control over the Infield Rascal and is operated either with a manual jack or the available electric actuator. The available electric actuator enables on-the-fly control of Force Rascal MVP from the seat of the tow vehicle. The Rascal rides on large 16.5'' tall by 8 inch wide tires that stabilize the implement to ensure consistent grooming results on the field and efficient transport off the field.

The patented Wheel-Lift System provides precision control over the Infield Rascal and is operated either with a manual jack or the available electric actuator. The available electric actuator enables on-the-fly control of Force Rascal MVP from the seat of the tow vehicle. The Rascal rides on large 16.5'' tall by 8'' wide tires that stabilize the implement to ensure consistent grooming results on the field and efficient transport off the field.

The Force Rascal MVP’s Finishing Attachments Carrier holds the optional drag mats and broom off the ground for easy transport. These options include a Rigid Drag Mat, Coco Drag Mat, XD Drag Mat & Fine Finish Broom. This is especially handy in multi-field complexes.

The turn-knuckle on the top of the Force Rascal MVP is designed to enable adjustment of the angle on the ground engaging components. This allows the operator to flatten out the VibraFlex™ groomer for proper operation or adjust the pitch of the profile blades or ripping teeth. This feature is also a very handy, no tools required, way to adjust for varying hitch heights when using multiple tow vehicles.



Profile Blade

The Profile Blades get de-compaction results by slicing the complete profile of the infield material from a 1/2'' to 3'' beneath the infield surface—without displacing the material. Profile Blades can ‘cut’ weeds and grass at the root-level from infields and warning tracks as well as remove “lip” build-up along the turf edge.



Off the field, the Ripper Teeth give this tool the teeth for tough dirt work, when swapped out with the VibraFlex or Profile Blade Attachments. Now the  Force Rascal MVP  can rejuvenate a parking lot, eliminate potholes and washouts, or prepare soil for seeding. The ripper teeth are adjustable from 0″ – 7″. The bolt on tips are replaceable for reduced maintenance cost.


Adjustable Finish Rake

The manually adjustable pitch of the rake enables it to quickly finish renovation work by breaking up and smoothing out dirt clods, pulling loose material into low areas, pulling vegetation debris into piles, and much more. It also excels in grading and finishing gravel driveways and lots. The rake is constructed of 1/2″ thick hardened-steel for long life and is replaceable in 1′ sections.


Optional Attachments

Add-Ons & Upgrades

Electric Actuator

Lift the tool for transport, raise the tool for tight turns over areas you do not want to disturb, cut-and-fill grade material, and set the depth ground engaging components—all front the sea of your UTV/ATV. It includes all hardware and wiring needed to attach to a 12v battery as well as your choice of a handlebar mounted controller or an optional wireless remote controller. A manual crank jack is standard.

Wireless Remote For Actuator

The wireless remote upgrade works with any ABI actuator purchased after June 1st 2013. Now you can control the Force Rascal MVP wheel-lift-system from almost anywhere. Our wireless system has two all-weather sealed remote controllers for use with multiple tow vehicles or multiple operators at the same job site. This complete wireless kit offers easy plug-and-play installation.

3-Point Conversion Kit

The 3-point option that converts the standard Force Rascal MVP into the ultimate 3-point groomer tool for sub-compact and compact tractors. This maximized versatility for one tool to work with both ATVs and 3-point tractors is ideal for facilities that prefer to use a different tow vehicle for varying jobs. The 3-conversation kit allows compatibility with category 0 and category 1 tractors.


Manufactured Right Here

You want the best quality materials, you want the highest quality workmanship, you want your attachments made in the United States of America. That’s why, since 1997, we’ve been manufacturing and selling equipment built to exceed your expectations, just like we should. 

36-Month Warranty

We build equipment with commercial-grade construction and superior craftsmanship, so you can rest assured it will last a very long time. And to back that up, we offer a 36-month limited warranty on this product. See warranty documentation for details.


Write A Review

  • I am the baseball rep for the Altoona Iowa Baseball league. Recently I have been researching John Deer TX Gators for purchase with an attachment for ball field finishing. Although I didn’t know about your company at the time I purchased two TX Gators with Broyhill field levelers and hydraulic lifts since this is what they offered. I was contacted yesterday afternoon by our local John Deer dealership with the unfortunate news the electric over hydraulic lift is not compatible for the Gator TX. This presented a problem with being able to secure two new units for our fields. I quickly started searching Google where I came upon your Infield Rascal and was extremely impressed over the multiple uses of the tool as well as the ability to remove it from the Gator with ease. Secondly I watched the YouTube video’s placed on the internet from the link provided on your web page and quickly became a fan of the attachment. I contacted Roger Walterhouse yesterday evening just before your business hours closed where Roger answered many questions and took the time needed to explain the tool extensively. Never once did I hear Roger state you were closed or could I call you back during business hours. Myself as a manager can attest the people you surround your organization with, will ultimately decide the fate of your continued customer following. I wanted to write you this brief email and extend my thanks to the professionalism I was greeted with from the moment I called your number. It’s the customer’s choice to make the initial call to do business with any company; it’s the people they are greeted with that keep them coming back. I want to thank you for great looking presentation and quote I received from Roger. It’s nice to see professional result’s like I’m accustom to rather than the hand written, poorly copied and faxed bids I have received from other companies. Hands down your presentation and customer skills have sold your company to me and the Altoona Baseball organization. I am looking at the misrepresentation of the Broyhill units as a positive mistake that have given our league a better optioned and universal tool. I will be presenting the bids and my recommendations to the board this week for the purchase of the Infield Rascal.
    Dharl Bagley
    Altoona Iowa Baseball League
  • In June 2010, the North Middlesex Recreation Department purchased an Infield Rascal…to maintain the field at a high professional level….(The Infield Rascal was then stolen)… Over the past year, the Infield Rascal professionally maintained our infields. The Infield Rascal maintains a safe playing surface that is free from bumps, ridging and high and low spots. It also maintained a softer infield surface that gave the ball a truer and much safer bounce. There was no need for multiple spikier drags, nail drags, leveler bars, drag mats and other tools. The Infield Rascal also worked well at removing the edge or lip that develops on the infield/outfield border. It had the ability to ‘cut’ weeds and grass at the roots that grows in our infields….Without the use of the Infield Rascal, all infield surfaces become harder, which will cause a hazardous hop to the ball. Bumps, ridges and high and low spots will also become more apparent. These hazards could cause injury to the participants. Staff will be required to remove the weeds and grass, by hand, that will grow in our infields, increasing staff wages to maintain the playing fields. Staff will be unable to maintain the edge or lip that develops on the infield/outfield border on a regular basis. Scott recommends that Staff be directed to purchase another infield rascal to maintain our ball diamonds at the professional standard they have become accustomed to.
    Board Meeting Minutes
    Middlesex, Ontario
  • We purchased this the rascal MVP for our field maintenance a few years back. The results were amazing. Due to the cancelation of the 2020 season our field got a bit out of shape. I used the attachments and the field was back to 100% in less than a week. Every team we play raves about our surface, the Rascal does miracles. My players thank you for providing the best surface, and I thank you for providing the best product on the market.
    Matthew Miller
  • I recommend the Infield Rascal because I moved from the bottom up here and have used a variety of field equipment in my life. From a rake, to a pull behind homemade broom brush system, three wheelers with a drag, three different competitors machines and now the Rascal. There is no comparison in quality, efficiency or the time and money savings we have achieved with the Infield Rascal. Nothing has gone wrong after one year of constant use. The others machines we have used are contentious maintenance issues. You can have anyone call me or email for my opinion especially if they have done field work in their career they will understand what I am talking about. I do this for no other reason than you guys made the Infield Rascal right.
    Twentynine Palms, CA
  • There is absolutely nothing like the Infield Rascal out on the market. I shopped around and most people spend $18,000 on a Toro Sand Pro. The Infield Rascal will run circles around the Sand Pro for 1/6th the price. I love how you can rip out the weeds in just one pass. This is the best decision we have spent our money on. I can’t say it enough how much I love this tool. We are a small D3 school and we have D1 schools asking if they can play on our field because of the weather. When we get a lot of rain the Infield Rascal airs it out completely. In just a few passes it will be ready to play on in the toughest weather. Our school used to use three different tools to prepare the field before a game. Now we don’t have to rush or worry about getting it done in time. We get asked if we had our field professionally grades every time we play a game on it. I am so happy with this purchase and would buy from ABI any time. Their staff is incredible and my salesman, Roger Walterhouse, was fantastic in helping me get what I wanted and in a short amount of time. I can guarantee you will love the Infield Rascal; it is the greatest tool out there.
    Scott Putnam
  • Just a quick note letting you know how great your product is. I’m the lone groundskeeper at a 6 diamond complex and the Infield Rascal has been a great investment . It saves me man hours , energy and best of all produces great results in leveling, weeding, overall maintenance and appearance of our baseball facility. I wish we had the Infield Rascal years ago!!
    Lions Park , Regina Saskatchewan, Canada
    Flow Agency
  • Awesome! I love how easy it is to work on an art project with your team! The outcome is always amazing!
    Henry Smith
    Flow Agency
  • We could not be happier with your product. The machine does exactly what we needed it to do. As you know, we had a very wet spring here in western NY. We did have to cancel a number of games, but if the weather cooperated enough that we could get on our fields with the infield rascal, we had them ready for play. There were a number of days we had the only playable fields in the area and schools were moving games here. I have already sung your praises to others in my position and will continue to do so. Thanks!
    Mike Sahrle
    Facilities Director, Bishop Kearney High School
  • The hardest thing for me when I was buying the Rascal was purchasing it over the phone, but now that I have it I couldn’t be happier with my tool. My salesmen Brad Ulick did a great job explaining how it worked and what it was built to do. The main reason I am so happy is because the tool does exactly what Brad said it would. I wasn’t finagled or tricked into anything and he made it very clear that it was my decision and wasn’t forcing anything on me. The Rascal is the best tool out on the market and I wouldn’t trade it for any other drag.
    Don From Idaho
  • We finally got the best of our Rascal Rookie and moved up to the MVP and we couldn’t be happier! The Rookie was fantastic for us but the MVP is a whole other level of functionality. We maintain 5 baseball fields and 2 dirt driveways with this and it is the only tool we use now. Ours was delivered just after the COVID shutdown, so we had plenty of time to try it out and we LOVE this thing! Craig and all the people at ABI were just as solid, as well. Can’t recommend this unit and company enough.
    Ken from Florida


Frame Construction Welded 3" x 3"
Wheels 16.5" tall x 8" wide
Unit Weight 492 lbs.
Minimum CC/HP 450 cc / 20 hp
Hitch Type 2" Ball Standard (Pin Hitch also included)
3-Point Hitch Optional (For CAT 0 & I)
Warranty 36-month